Dec 17, 2018


December 8 - 5:00 - 6:00 pm - MercyMe - It’s Christmas!  
This hour-long program features heart-warming stories and laughs from MercyMe.  MercyMe members share fun Christmas memories, time honored traditions, and how they celebrate the birth of Christ.
December 9 - 12:00  noon - 2:00  pm - A Christmas Carol   
From Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, this Charles Dickens Christmas Story comes alive through this dramatic presentation.  This perennial, well-loved holiday special is a WPRZ listener favorite!!
December 9 - 3:00 - 6:00 pm - Adventures in Odyssey Christmas Marathon
This special marathon includes classic episodes like “Gifts for Madge and Guy” and “A Time for Christmas.”
December 10 - 10:00 - 11:00 pm - When Christmas Comes Again
New! for Christmas 2018.  Charles Morris shares a special Christmas program full of hope as we celebrate the arrival of Jesus and look forward to His soon return as well-known Christians share their Christmas stories.
December 11 - 10:00 - 10:30 am - Where’s Christmas?
New! for Christmas 2018.  Times Square Church Pastor Carter Conlon shares a new holiday message based on the powerful words of Psalm 22, calling us back to celebrate Christmas as God intended it to be.
December 12 - 11:30 am - 12 noon - Because of Bethlehem
In this special, Max Lucado tells stories from his childhood, his family, and his life - stories to draw listeners to the Christ of Christmas…in a narrative drama whose characters will take you to the biblical Christmas scene.
December 15 - 4:00 - 5:00 pm - When Christmas Comes Again (see above description)
                         5:00 - 8:00 pm - Adventures in OdysseyChristmas Marathon (see above)
December 16 - 12:00 - 12:30 pm - Where’s Christmas? (see above description)
                           1:00 - 2:00 pm - MercyMe - It’s Christmas!  (see above description)
December 17 - 11:30 am - 12 noon - One Perfect Life: A Son Is Given
Narrated by John MacArthur, this dramatization follows the Gospel account that leads up to Jesus’ birth.
December 18 - 11:30 am - 12 noon - One Perfect Life: Immanuel, God With Us
Narrated by John MacArthur, this dramatization follows the Gospel account of Jesus from birth to the cross.
December 19 - 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm - When Christmas Comes Again (see above description)
December 20 - 11:30 am - 12 noon - Because of Bethlehem  (see above description)
                          10:00 - 11:00 pm -MercyMe - It’s Christmas!  (see above description)
December 21 - 11:30 am - 12 noon - Where’s Christmas? (see above description)
December 22 - 4:00 - 6:00 pm - A Christmas Carol (see above description)
December 23 - 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm - When Christmas Comes Again (see above description)
December 24 - 11:00 am - 12 noon -One Perfect Life: From the Manger to the Cross
Narrated by John MacArthur, this dramatization follows the Gospel account that leads up to Jesus’ birth to his death on the cross.
December 31 - 11:30 am - 12 noon - Reclaiming the Culture of America!  From Carter Conlon
New for New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day 2019 - Pastor Conlon reminds us that Jesus says, “Come to Me!”  Come back to the place of truth and prayer, to believe that in 2019 we can reclaim the culture of America!
January 1 - 8:00 - 8:30 am - Reclaiming the Culture of America! (see above description)
                    1:00 - 1:30 am - Reclaiming the Culture of America! (see above description)


Mar 29, 2018

     March 7th, 8th, and 9th were three very special days indeed! Thank you so much to everyone who participated!  We are always so touched by the comments and remarks from listeners who took the time to let us know what the station means to them!  Comments we are hearing now tell us that you were touched as well.  A little over $30,000.00 was raised and we are so very thankful!  Those gifts will certainly help but more funds are still needed to get us where we need to be.  We were so touched by the generous hearts who brought in their donations. See the photo below of Joshua Foscato, a young 16-year-old man who gave the tithe from his summer job to the station.  Then there was the mystery lady who brings in a bag full of "tips".  We have never had a conversation with her.  She simply brings in the bag then immediately leaves without wanting to talk.  We just sense there is something really special between her and God and that bag of tips she brings in so often.  Then just last week a whole bucket of money arrived. There is almost $300.00 of change in that bucket!  We thank God for every penny!  We also thank God for a very generous gift of $5,000.00 that will help so much and for the sponsorship gift of $5,000.00 that will arrive before the end of the month!  It all adds up to help keep WPRZ-FM on the air glorifying God and growing believers.  Please pray with us that another $15,000.00 will come in soon!  It is definitely needed!  To God be the Glory!!

     Thank you to Karen Snuffer and Shirley Nicodemus for helping Kandy and Anna with phones and paperwork, to Shelley Burnham for obtaining donations of meals for the staff, volunteers and guests, and to all the restaurants that provided food including these Culpeper businesses:  Country Cookin, Chick-fil-A, Subway, Country Café and Catering, Walmart, Safeway, Ruby Tuesdays, Arby’s,   Weis Markets, Panera Bread, Mama’s Pizza & Subs,  Martins Grocery, Natraj Indian Cuisine and Pepsi of Central Virginia in Warrenton.  We sincerely appreciate all your help!! 
Aug 31, 2017

    These are three very important days for WPRZ!!  This is a time set aside to raise the funds we need to keep WPRZ-FM on the air.  It's also a special time to not only receive your financial support, but a time to receive your comments about what this station means to you.  It's a time to tell us how God is using the station in your life to help you grow and to glorify Him. Your comments will be shared with all our listeners to encourage them as well.  Perhaps you have a story to tell!  You can call our offices at 540-727-9779 after 6 pm and record it on our phone.  Or, you can come to the station and record it for better quality.  We are here to help you help others with your stories and comments.  People who don't know God may be tuning in and be especially encouraged to seek Him more when they hear how He has blessed you through the station.

       WPRZ is here because God raised it up in Culpeper!  This is His station and we are only the caretakers.  We hope you will join us and take advantage of this great tool God has given us to proclaim His Word locally and even around the world over  

      It takes money to keep the station going and this is a special time set aside to ask you to give to help us reach our annual need of $365,000.00.  Everyone can give something...large or small.  You can give on a monthly basis or make a large generous annual gift.  This is the time to do it! 

     Please begin praying for this event and for what God would have you do to help.  Your gifts enable us to do what we are doing!  Thank you so very much! 
Apr 19, 2017


     WPRZ is pleased to once again participate in this wonderful event designed to help support local non-profits in Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, and Rappahannock Counties.  Our goal is $20,000.00 which will be another big step towards reaching our annual need of $365,000.00.  We hope to have some matching funds for this event and will keep you informed.
     Last year Give Local Piedmont had a major computer glitch on Giving Day that virtually stopped the giving.  We are pleased to let you know that they now have another company doing the website nationwide and no problems are anticipated.
     As usual, Give Local will be awarding cash prizes to the organizations that have the most number of unique gifts.  If each member in your household makes a minimum gift of $10.00 or more, you will be helping us maybe win some extra cash!  We'll be sending out more information about this as we get closer to the event so please watch your mailbox for it.      
     We pray that you will plan now to participate!  Then on Giving Day, May 2nd, simply go to and type in WPRZ/Praise Communications, Inc. the organization you want to receive your gift.  Or you can CLICK HERE and you will go directly to WPRZ's page on the Give Local Piedmont website.  New this year, you can go online and pre-schedule your gift beginning April 25th!!!  How cool is that!  But if you want to support using a check, you can send your check to WPRZ made out to Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, with “WPRZ” in the memo line and we will be happy to take your checks to the Give Local Piedmont station at the Union Bank on Main Street on Giving Day.  You will receive a receipt from them as well as a thank you from WPRZ!
     If you have any questions at all, please call us at 540-727-9779 and we will be happy to help you!!  Looking forward to your additional support of WPRZ through Give Local Day, May 2nd!!
Feb 15, 2017

 Dear Praise Radio Partner,

  Three very special days are coming up soon on WPRZ!  "A Time To Share...Running The Race"  happens on March 8th, 9th, and 10th and we are so excited as we prepare and look forward to this most meaningful time on WPRZ!


It's a most meaningful time for two reasons.  First, it's a special time to give you the opportunity to share your story with us so we can share it with all the WPRZ listeners to bless them and encourage them.  And second, it's a special time to gather in the resources we need to keep WPRZ on the air!
We are so blessed to have Stephen Found with us now!  Stephen is doing a great job as an on-air host on "Praise in the Morning" and "A Praise Gathering" and he is also working with us in getting to know our Praise Radio Partners.  His love for God and this radio station is contagious so consider yourself blessed if you get a call from him!
Progress is being made as we continue to work hard at reaching our goal of $365,000.00 needed annually to operate and grow the station.  Over and above this, we have applied for a grant with the Piedmont Community Foundation which, if received, will enable us to upgrade our production room making it possible to air "WPRZ Is Concerned", a local program designed to serve all the local non-profit organizations in the area to help them gain awareness in the community.
Keeping a local station like WPRZ on the air and serving you and our community effectively is so very important!  To do this takes all of us working together!!
We hope you will prayerfully consider increasing your support at this time.  You can do that by signing up to be a Monthly Praise Partner if you are not already one.  Or, perhaps you could honor someone in your family with a half day or full day sponsorship. Or you could simply make an additional gift over and above your regular giving.  Please pray about this then do whatever God puts on your heart to do!
In His Love,
Steve and Sally Buchanan
Executive Directors
Dec 12, 2016


2016 WPRZ Christmas

Specials Program Guide


December 7 & December 21 - 10-11 pm - “O Little Town of Bethlehem” - In this production, listeners will be poised to experience a journey into Bethlehem, coupled with the purest and richest sounds where Christ was born into the world.  In addition, audiences can almost travel to Bethlehem by listening to the real-life hustle and bustle of marketplace sites, neighbor-hoods, and other areas depicting both Bethlehem today and yesterday.

December 9 - 9-10 pm, December 10 - 4-5 pm & December 24 - 9-10 pm - “December Live” - It’s December Live! featuring musical artist Mark Schultz, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter with ten No. 1 singles and best-known for hits such as All Things Possible and Different Kind of Christmas.  Recorded in front of a live audience on the campus of Moody Bible Institute listeners will enjoy a fun broadcast of festive storytelling, classic caroling and a live concert.

December 10 & December 11 - 1-2 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 3 - This seven-hour dramatic production is based on the book by Patricia St. John.  It’s the story of two young children, a kitten, and an unforgettable experience which sparked emotions within the family that can only be healed by the healing hands and loving arms of Jesus Christ.

December 10 - 5-6 pm, December 18 - 1-2 pm & December 22 - 10-11 pm - “MercyMe - It’s Christmas” - This is an hour long program featuring heart-warming stories and laughs from MercyMe that are sure to be a wonderful Christmas treat.  Bart Millard, Nathan Cochran, Mick Scheuchzer, Robby Shaffer, and Barry Graul share fun Christmas memories, time-honored traditions, and how they celebrate the birth of Christ with their own families during this most wonderful time of the year.  

December 11 - 3-4 pm & December 17 - 3-4 pm - “The Lesser Characters of Christmas” - We know all about Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus.  But what about the “lesser” characters of Christmas?  There’s Elizabeth, the mother of John, and Elizabeth’s doubting husband, Zechariah.  And what about Anna, the prophetess, and Simeon - both of whom were supernaturally appointed to meet the infant King at the temple?  These less well-known names offer powerful life lessons.  Listeners will meet them up close in this documentary with provocative drama vignettes and interviews from Israel.

December 11 - 9-11 pm, December 18 - 6-8 pm & December 24 - 7-9 pm - “Joy - An Irish Christmas” - Join Ireland’s own Keith and Kristyn Getty, writers of modern hymns and carols, for their fourth annual tour of Joy - An Irish Christmas, a lively celebration of the birth of Christ!  As seen on Public Television, the Gettys are joined by their band of virtuoso instrumentalists fusing Celtic, Bluegrass, Americana, and classical music as well as cultural dance and the choral sounds of the holiday.  This concert was recorded live on December 14, 2015 from historic Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio.  Sing along with Keith and Kristyn and their special guest friends for an evening that unites tradition and innovation in a vibrant celebration of the season!

December 17 - 1-2 pm & December 18 - 12-1 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 4 
December 17 - 4-6 pm - “A Christmas Carol” - This Charles Dickens Classic Christmas Story comes alive through this dramatic “Radio Theatre” presentation.  This perennial, well-loved holiday special is a WPRZ listener favorite!!

December 17 - 6-7 pm & December 19 - 10-11 pm - “Trail of Two Kings” - An original production that tells the stories of two vastly different kings, who possessed two vastly different destinies.  “Trail of Two Kings” focuses on the journeys walked by two kings; Jesus and Herod.  The story comes to life in drama, music, and sound.  With Herod as a narrator to this epic production, audiences are invited to share in the paths of two kings.  Yet, in the end, one king will experience a rise of power on earth that is fleeting, while the other embodies the very essence of power and life in the Father.

December 18 - 4-6 pm & December 23 - 10 pm - 12 am - “Candlelight Carols” - Since 1954, the Moody Bible Institute Music Department’s production of candlelight carols has ushered in the Christmas season for friends and families throughout the world.  The Music Department music ensembles, along with members of Moody’s Speech and Drama Core create a compelling program sure to delight the whole family.

December 23 - 9-10 pm & December 24 - 4-5 pm - “Christmas:  Hope for the Lonely” - For many people, Christmas is the loneliest time of the year.  But even still, there’s reason to rejoice because hope for the lonely was born in Bethlehem.  Charles Morris with Haven Today reflects on the loneliness of the first Christmas and how even then, joy was found in a surprising way.  Listeners will be encouraged by this journey though Scripture interspersed with classic carols, and of course, all about Jesus – He is our Christmas hope!

December 24 - 1-2 pm & December 25 - 12-1 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 5

December 24 - 11 pm-1 am - Handel’s “Messiah” - The annual production of “Handel’s Messiah” encompasses both the lyrical art of music and God’s word to bring to life the early prophecies of Jesus Christ, his vicarious birth, victorious life, the anguish he suffered for mankind, and finally, his death and resurrection.

December 31 - 1-2 pm & January 1 - 12-1 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 6

December 31 - 8-9 pm & January 1 - 5-6 pm - “Year in Review 2016” - Moody Radio, in partnership with SRN News, reviews the top news stories of what was - politically and culturally - a remarkable year.  This special will highlight pertinent news from the past year, ranging from historical political events, issues that have affected the state of the economy, and natural disasters occurring on a global scale.  This will keep you abreast of what has happened in the past year as we reflect on God’s grace and expect His faithfulness for another year.

January 7 - 1-2 pm & January 8 - 12-1 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 7 


Oct 13, 2016
Be the first to call in with the correct answer to our Bible Quiz in the morning and you will win Crowder's 2016 release "American Prodigal".  Crowder is a native Texan who has set the bar for progressive, forward-thinking church music with a servant's heart and poet's pen.
If you are the winner in the afternoon, you will win IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year winner Bradley Walker's CD "Call Me Old Fashioned".  This CD was produced by long-time friend Rory Feek and includes "In the Time That You Gave Me" featuring Joey Feek. There is no age limit but you can only win once!  So have your Bible handy and be ready to call with the correct answer!!
Jul 07, 2016

Starting July 11th, Alistair Begg will begin a study in evangelism titled "Crossing the Barriers...Communicating the Good News in Your World".  In this study, Alistair will teach us how to present Christ with confidence and compassion.  To get your free 12-message audio series and printable study guide download please click here to be taken to the Truth for Life website.  Once on that site, you will also find a link where you can purchase the 75-page softcover version if you would prefer to have it in book form. WPRZ and Truth for Life are so excited to be able to provide you with a study guide for this series!  Truth For Life is heard Monday through Friday on WPRZ at 6:00 am and 7:30 pm and is sponsored by Novum Baptist Church.  Please remember to let them know you listen to Truth For Life on WPRZ-FM whenever you support the program!  We hope you will get this Bible study and that it will be a blessing to you!  Thank you so very much!

Apr 21, 2016
Give Local Piedmont is a national event that encourages giving to local non-profits via the use of secure and easy online philanthropy.  We will have an opportunity to win some prizes based on the number of unique gifts of $10.00 or more that is given for WPRZ on Giving Day. We hope to have some matching funds before Giving Day so if you would like to make a generous gift to WPRZ-FM Praise Communications to be used as matching funds on Giving Day, please let us know now before May 3rd.  Give Local Piedmont is encouraging us to secure our own matching funds.  Last year, $14,972.00 was given on Giving Day for WPRZ.  This year we hope to exceed that amount and maybe even double it!  Will you help us?  We'll be giving updates on the air all day on May 3rd



Feb 29, 2016

Please begin praying for this very important three-day event on WPRZ and how you can participate.  We'll be sharing your comments and testimonies and sharing what God is doing through WPRZ-FM as we proclaim His Word in programs and music 24/7 locally and around the world over We'll be asking you to help us as we share the needs of the station and ask all of our precious listeners to help us reach our monthly budget needs each and every month. January revenue was down after a great year-end response so now we are already facing a shortfall for 2016.  We are still in the process of determining what the costs will be for equipment and computer expenses that are needed and also engineering help in the studio and production room.  These things are critical to our operation and we'll be sharing what is needed when the figures are available. Till then, please be praying for us as we prepare for this very special time on WPRZ!  Together we can keep WPRZ on the air reaching hearts 24/7 with the life-changing Word of God!  Thank you for your help!!