WPRZ Christmas Specials 2016


2016 WPRZ Christmas

Specials Program Guide


December 7 & December 21 - 10-11 pm - “O Little Town of Bethlehem” - In this production, listeners will be poised to experience a journey into Bethlehem, coupled with the purest and richest sounds where Christ was born into the world.  In addition, audiences can almost travel to Bethlehem by listening to the real-life hustle and bustle of marketplace sites, neighbor-hoods, and other areas depicting both Bethlehem today and yesterday.

December 9 - 9-10 pm, December 10 - 4-5 pm & December 24 - 9-10 pm - “December Live” - It’s December Live! featuring musical artist Mark Schultz, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter with ten No. 1 singles and best-known for hits such as All Things Possible and Different Kind of Christmas.  Recorded in front of a live audience on the campus of Moody Bible Institute listeners will enjoy a fun broadcast of festive storytelling, classic caroling and a live concert.

December 10 & December 11 - 1-2 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 3 - This seven-hour dramatic production is based on the book by Patricia St. John.  It’s the story of two young children, a kitten, and an unforgettable experience which sparked emotions within the family that can only be healed by the healing hands and loving arms of Jesus Christ.

December 10 - 5-6 pm, December 18 - 1-2 pm & December 22 - 10-11 pm - “MercyMe - It’s Christmas” - This is an hour long program featuring heart-warming stories and laughs from MercyMe that are sure to be a wonderful Christmas treat.  Bart Millard, Nathan Cochran, Mick Scheuchzer, Robby Shaffer, and Barry Graul share fun Christmas memories, time-honored traditions, and how they celebrate the birth of Christ with their own families during this most wonderful time of the year.  

December 11 - 3-4 pm & December 17 - 3-4 pm - “The Lesser Characters of Christmas” - We know all about Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus.  But what about the “lesser” characters of Christmas?  There’s Elizabeth, the mother of John, and Elizabeth’s doubting husband, Zechariah.  And what about Anna, the prophetess, and Simeon - both of whom were supernaturally appointed to meet the infant King at the temple?  These less well-known names offer powerful life lessons.  Listeners will meet them up close in this documentary with provocative drama vignettes and interviews from Israel.

December 11 - 9-11 pm, December 18 - 6-8 pm & December 24 - 7-9 pm - “Joy - An Irish Christmas” - Join Ireland’s own Keith and Kristyn Getty, writers of modern hymns and carols, for their fourth annual tour of Joy - An Irish Christmas, a lively celebration of the birth of Christ!  As seen on Public Television, the Gettys are joined by their band of virtuoso instrumentalists fusing Celtic, Bluegrass, Americana, and classical music as well as cultural dance and the choral sounds of the holiday.  This concert was recorded live on December 14, 2015 from historic Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio.  Sing along with Keith and Kristyn and their special guest friends for an evening that unites tradition and innovation in a vibrant celebration of the season!

December 17 - 1-2 pm & December 18 - 12-1 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 4 
December 17 - 4-6 pm - “A Christmas Carol” - This Charles Dickens Classic Christmas Story comes alive through this dramatic “Radio Theatre” presentation.  This perennial, well-loved holiday special is a WPRZ listener favorite!!

December 17 - 6-7 pm & December 19 - 10-11 pm - “Trail of Two Kings” - An original production that tells the stories of two vastly different kings, who possessed two vastly different destinies.  “Trail of Two Kings” focuses on the journeys walked by two kings; Jesus and Herod.  The story comes to life in drama, music, and sound.  With Herod as a narrator to this epic production, audiences are invited to share in the paths of two kings.  Yet, in the end, one king will experience a rise of power on earth that is fleeting, while the other embodies the very essence of power and life in the Father.

December 18 - 4-6 pm & December 23 - 10 pm - 12 am - “Candlelight Carols” - Since 1954, the Moody Bible Institute Music Department’s production of candlelight carols has ushered in the Christmas season for friends and families throughout the world.  The Music Department music ensembles, along with members of Moody’s Speech and Drama Core create a compelling program sure to delight the whole family.

December 23 - 9-10 pm & December 24 - 4-5 pm - “Christmas:  Hope for the Lonely” - For many people, Christmas is the loneliest time of the year.  But even still, there’s reason to rejoice because hope for the lonely was born in Bethlehem.  Charles Morris with Haven Today reflects on the loneliness of the first Christmas and how even then, joy was found in a surprising way.  Listeners will be encouraged by this journey though Scripture interspersed with classic carols, and of course, all about Jesus – He is our Christmas hope!

December 24 - 1-2 pm & December 25 - 12-1 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 5

December 24 - 11 pm-1 am - Handel’s “Messiah” - The annual production of “Handel’s Messiah” encompasses both the lyrical art of music and God’s word to bring to life the early prophecies of Jesus Christ, his vicarious birth, victorious life, the anguish he suffered for mankind, and finally, his death and resurrection.

December 31 - 1-2 pm & January 1 - 12-1 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 6

December 31 - 8-9 pm & January 1 - 5-6 pm - “Year in Review 2016” - Moody Radio, in partnership with SRN News, reviews the top news stories of what was - politically and culturally - a remarkable year.  This special will highlight pertinent news from the past year, ranging from historical political events, issues that have affected the state of the economy, and natural disasters occurring on a global scale.  This will keep you abreast of what has happened in the past year as we reflect on God’s grace and expect His faithfulness for another year.

January 7 - 1-2 pm & January 8 - 12-1 pm - “Treasures of the Snow” Part 7