WPRZ Spring Sharathon "Let Your Light Shine" April 10-12, 2013

WPRZ 88.1 FM has been on the air now for almost three years!  It’s been an incredible journey that began 15 years ago!!!  God has brought us so far and has placed us in the center of our hometown of Culpeper where we are broadcasting the Good News not only locally but around the world over wprz.org!  To do that takes a lot of finances! We are asking God’s people to help financially more than ever so WPRZ’s expenses can be fully covered so we can move forward with what God has put on our hearts to do!!  First and foremost, we need to get some critical expenses covered that are critical to enable us to broadcast at all!  Then, we are hoping for funds to hire more staff and obtain some needed equipment!  We are hoping and praying that God will provide all the funds needed to make this possible!  We would request your prayers for this Sharathon!  What happens during this Sharathon will be major event in our history!  WPRZ needs more listeners and friends to give the best gifts they can give during this critical time!  We’re turning our music room into a dedicated Prayer Room for this event so if you would like to come in and help keep the prayers going up, then please do so!  We are asking everyone to please pray as you listen. Our ultimate goal is $30,000.00 a month or $360,000.00 a year. During Sharathon, we simply must reach $20,000.00 a month or $240,000.00 for the year, through March 2014. 
Enclosed with this Highlights is a Pre-Sharathon Response and Pledge Form!  Please pray and if you are already one of our regular partners, thank you so much!  If not, then please pray about what you can do to help!  We are gathering together a group of people who are committed to keeping WPRZ 88.1 FM in prayer, well funded, and on the air shining the light of God’s Word 24/7 locally and around the world. We hope you will join with us!!