“Praise In the Morning” a Daily Event on Praise Radio

Weekday Mornings 8 to 12 Eastern

Join us and other Praise listeners for a special and meaningful time of Praise and adoration to God through music!  This is more than just listening to music, it’s a time of singing songs of praise to God with hearts overflowing with love that leads us into the Holy of Holies to talk with and commune directly with God through the music.  It’s what Praise Radio music is all about!!!!

This is a special time where we encourage you to be still and give your full attention to God.  “Praise In the Morning" is not meant to be listened to as background music.  Each half hour segment is specially arranged to lead you into God’s presence through music.  Sometimes it will be hosted, other times it may just be music with no talking at all.  Each half hour stands on its own and is meant to strengthen you for service.  However, if you can’t stay with us for the full four hours, try and stay with us for one of the half hour segments beginning at the top and bottom of each hour.

 We’d love to know if “Praise In the Morning” is meaningful to you.  Please take a minute, if you can, to drop us an email at info@wprz.org and let us know.  It would mean so much to us.