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 Prayers for Grace to be resting upon my family's works, so no day may be whiling away for nothing, but payoff. Things are way more exacting with demands, but we wish to trust on Jesus for help in our wants and missions.


 I am battling with anxiety and OCD, it's a bad sickness.    I need a healing touch from the Lord. Thank's God bless.

Please pray for me and my girls. Please pray that I will not lose my girls and my girls will be returned home to me very soon. I miss my girls, I love them very much. Please help me. I need a miracle. Thank you and Amen! 

 Please pray that I will

1. Receive more referrals at my current job.
2. Receive job offer with good salary for a potential new job.
My prayer is for my relationship with Michael for God to help us grow together and build a great relationship and help each other with the things that we don’t like from one another.  For God to help us financially, give us blessings in abundance in our life together. Help each other and understand each other. To be open minded and open to change. 
 My husband is a severe alcoholic and has other addictions.  He also has a lying / blaming problem which has caused so much heartache, fear, and destruction.   He professes to be saved, but twists scripture to  
cover his behaviors.  Church, friends, family, counselors, professionals, and courts have all tried to help and intervene.   He refuses to stop and is boldly defiant or tells people what they want to hear in false compliance and then continues his behaviors.   It is destroying our marriage, family, and friendships.  Myself and others have prayed endlessly for years and there is no change in any of it.    The head games he plays and lying/ blaming is so hurtful and destructive.  God has given him so many wake up calls.... job lose , dui’s ,  loss of license,  health issues, injuring me, but nothing wakes him up.  It is scary watching and waiting endlessly.   I am exhausted from praying for so long.  We need a miracle! 
Please Pray for my Mother, she had a fall and has been sick with some other issues as well, please also Pray for my sister, she is very difficult to deal with sometimes in these type situations. 
Please pray for my son Aaron, he has received a job offer pending background check and references.. please pray with me we want God will in this we feel that he was made the job offer was a answer to  
prayer...Dr Jeremiah has been our pastor since Covid I know when Gods people pray all things are possible Blessings... a momma burdened for her son. 

 Please pray for my daughter.  She is lost and depressed with a lot of resentment. She refuses to leave a toxic relationship and is not listening to reasoning before making hasty decisions that may hurt her and my granddaughter. Our family is breaking bc of what she’s putting us through.  I’m praying for conviction and salvation upon her life.

Please pray for my brother in law. He has a bad heart and has had a heart attack. Don't know what his treatment is going to be. Please pray for his healing.