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 Asking for prayers for my son. He hasn't had a job in a long time and finally got a chance for one praying the Lord will give him strength and ability to do this job and keep it. He has health problems as well as depression and no self esteem. Thank you.


 Please pray that Linda gets help for her addictions & depression. Thank you.


Dear Lord we uplift Monica Zandamela’s marriage in favour of its restoration. You said in Your Word I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert…may You remember their prayers in these difficult times and allow Your river of peace, prosperity, love and joy to flow again as it was in the beginning. They can overcome all present and future obstacles, hardships and hurdles through Christ who strengthens them as they depend on You for direction…Their marriage is Your idea. You are the Author, Perfecter and Finisher of their faith. May their faith even as small as a mustard seed be pleasing to You and through that mountains will be moved and thrown into the sea. May Your “suddenly” surprises them at their lowest point and they may stand in strength and buoyancy. In Jesus Name.


 Please pray for Parker James Smith. Thank You GOD bless your ministry.


 Please agree with my husband and I for peace & healing. I have breast cancer and have been undergoing treatment. Recently I found another knot on my breast. After the biopsy, I was notified yesterday that it is cancer. Please pray for healing, peace & wisdom for myself and my husband. Thank you & God Bless You.


 My husband is undergoing neck spinal fusion surgery and we are asking for prayer that surgery is successful and he has a healthy outcome and recovery! During his pre op appointment they found a blurp on his EKG, which could hold up surgery. We are praying that nothing is negative on his EKG and that his surgery goes as scheduled and his neck is healed and that he has no more pain! Thank you!


 My Dad's health has been taking a beating lately due to my being unemployed for over a year which affects him because I am the breadwinner at home. He is stressed to the maximum about my situation and it shows at night when he wakes up in the middle of the night from congestion telling me he feels he is dying. Please pray that I may make that career breakthrough and that Dad's health be supremely healed by the Right Hand of God in the Mighty Name of Lord Jesus Christ my King. Amen.


 I'm 32, unmarried. I have tumours or lumps in my right breasts. Please pray for me it shouldn't be cancerous.


 Hello - I have an urgent prayer request for my Dad who is having a SERIOUS spinal NECK fusion operation on Thursday morning - October forth. Thank you please to pray for a flawless operation where GOD's hand is supremely covering this operation with His angels as well on hand. That GOD would give the Dr. Supreme alertness, knowhow, wisdom, excellence and that the operation would be more than a success and the healing affects for my dad would go from the top of his head down to the bottom of his toes--that his recovery would be speedy and also would help him with his problem in his legs and lower spine as well. Thanks also to give my dad's nurses supreme care and concern, wisdom and Grace in this process.

Also I have a friend who's cousin--Amanda--has had complications with her spinal operation and is in ICU--Please pray for EVER speedy recovery with GOD's hand immediate healing presence!!

Thank you for your urgently needed prayers for my Dad and Amand and your care and heartfelt loving prayers for them.


 Please pray for court October 3rd 930am for 7 year old child relocation.   Pray for my sons Daniel and Aaron.  My spiritual life, physical health, finances, good paying job in Tampa Florida.  Salvation for Ingrid Borbor.  Traveling mercy's Thursday.