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 I will be singing solos At the church this Thursday Evening May 17 and Sunday May 20 for the entire 8:30am Worship Service. Pray for healing & triple portion anointing on my voice, lungs, diaphragm, Breathing and respiratory to be clear & strong & anointing on the pianist Michael. Pray.for healing, safety & protection over my cat, Nick, the nine cats that we have fostered out for adoption, as well as all the animals against animal cruelty. Pray for financial blessings over handyman business & healing in marriage with husband, Randy. Pray for healing over father Ernest Cherry & brother, Jason Cherry. Pray for favor with music ministry and more opportunities to minister in song.


 I pray for Your guidance now to show Nicholas and Ally the way to the perfect job opportunity to do what they love, to do what they can do well, and what will fulfill their needs mentally, spiritually, and financially. Prayer that God will lead them jobs he has planned for them. Thank You, Lord. Amen!


 Greetings my dear brothers and sisters in Christ..Please help me pray for my niece. Mariella Lopez 13 yrs old. She is suffering my eczema .. She had also weak lungs..Many Doctors handle her eczema but it keeps coming back..Anti biotics, and many injectables steroid drugs have been used on her. May the Lord have mercy on my niece and speak complete and total healing for her. I trust God that nothing is impossible for Him..AMEN


 Prayer for the Lord to restore a dear relationship. May love & grace flow abundantly in both ways and may the relationship become even deeper & sweeter than ever before. Peace upon my dear friend and great joy in the midst!


 Please pray that the good Lord will show me His love through answered prayers. Thank you for your prayers....


 Dear God you are infinite and infallible, mighty and merciful abounding in love. Asking for forgiveness Lord in my sinful heart. From my bitterness towards my mother in law whom has mistreated my daughters, husband and I. Help me to be the person you see me to be. I ask that my daughter whom is in college far away, be accepted into an internship in May so that she may Graduate. She desperately needs a job thesis, College is holding it against her..I know that you are helping her she needs to accept your help! Help me to strengthen my faith in your word. Thank you Jesus for the precious gift of the holy spirt who breathes life into your Word. Thank you for being there when I was abused through foster care. You protected me and called me your own even though I didn’t know you yet. Mighty God may all prayers this month be held up by your mighty arm. Open our eyes and hearts to you who is gracious. Amen

 I have served God faithfully for 35 years. I am so hurt and cut to the quick by the attacks of the world AND of pharacees/Sadducees IN THE CHURCH that I no longer see a way forward. I yearn to be a shepherd, a pastor, and chaplain. Yet I can't take more attacks. No more. Please pray that God make me like Elijah, Enoch, and John the Baptist. Pray that I be a priest in the line of Melchizedek without anyone else knowing that I'm doing it. I feel like I've done the suffering part if life. Can't things get better?
 Please pray for our adoption journey as we pray the Lord blesses us with a baby after years of infertility. Pray for His favor, wisdom, grace and peace throughout the entire process and that He will work in every single detail. Pray for the health of the baby, and His protection over the birth mom, the baby and us. May He be glorified.
 Please pray that my mom gets stronger and is motivated to get to walking. Please pray that things get better for me at work. That I am surrounded by the right people and that my talents will be of value.
 Please pray for God to reconcile Tom and Amy together as they found true love with each other, in Jesus name, Amen!