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 Please pray for Emily to be healthy and feel well during her pregnancy, and that the twins will be born completely healthy. Pray that the twins will continue to be healthy, content babies that bring joy to their
parents and that they come to know the Lord early in life. Pray for Emily to feel well physically, emotionally and spiritually following delivery. Thanks and God bless you prayer warriors.
Please pray for a situation at my work, with a co-worker.  God's will be done.  Also, for my clientele to increase at the salon. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers. 
Jason, Emma, Nora, Lindsey, Carol, Tom, Greg, salvation, good health, God's protection. Jason, mental illness, sleep apnea, smoking, rest, good thoughts, peace of mind, dependable, strength, endurance, and stamina.  Missy, MS, can't walk. 
Ira Lee
Urgent prayer for Saithan's life. Please pray for Saithan as she had been in a car accident on Monday 3 April.  Saithan apparently was not conscious at any time after the accident, which is not good.  Saithan has severe damage and some bleeding in her brain, which is a little bit worse today. They will put a small wire in her head to tell them if pressure in her brain keeps going up. They will keep her body cool for another 2 days then warm her up slowly and bring her out of coma.  The doctor warned that when they bring her out, she may not be able to live without the life support machine.  We need a miracle from God for Saithan. Please join us to pray for her as God leads you.  Thank you. 
 I am going to have a colonoscopy. Have been having symptom.  Please pray that this is a minor issue and that symptom is related to a benign cause. Please pray that it is a benign, minor issue. Thank you. GOD bless you all.
 Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine here who not confess Jesus blood in salvation but use own victims to save a lot place of Scandinavian,thanks for helping.  
My husband and I are separated and there is a suspension of an affair now. He won't talk to me and he struggles with addiction. Please pray that Satan loosens his grip and my husband comes to repentance and if there is another woman that she is removed immediately. My heart is broken and I am in a desperate spot. Please pray for us. 
 Please pray for our daughter and the young man that she is in a relationship with. Pray for the greatest of humility and against fear of rejection, that it would be broken in the name of Jesus. Pray for the sharing of self without fear and for open honesty. May God lead and guide according to His perfect plan for them both. Thank You!
 I'm very depressed, scare and weak.  I was born with lots of abnormalities and now in my adulthood, I suddenly started to have don't feel the love of God sometimes.  At the same time, I
know God is the only one who can heal me. I pray for healing. Please pray for me to be healed. Also, the guy I've been dating for several years suddenly cheated on me. I'm so sad and hate myself and question God why. Please pray for me, for God to heal me, to strengthen me and to bless me with a joyful life. Thank you. Please pray  1. healing for me for never having seizure again, able to hear clearly, able to see clearly, to open my eyes, to have my brain tumor gone.  2. Please pray for my 'boyfriend R' to come to
know Jesus and us to have a good relationship together serving ministries together. Thank you.
 Please pray for my wife and our marriage. She says she has a good life with me but something is missing. She is interested in another man. I want to reconcile but she isn't interested. Her name is Jennifer and we have a 4 year old and a 10 month old. Been married 11 years. Thank you.