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My name is Debbie and I live in Texas.  I know of a family that is in need of prayer. Jeff Mitchell and his family are struggling emotionally and financially. Jeff suffers from Morbid obesity and we are currently trying to raise money to pay for transportation from Roanoke, Virginia to Ohio to a bariatric facility that will help him on his journey to live!  I am not asking for money but I am asking for prayers for this family. I spoke to Jeff this morning and at times he feels hopeless.  The mind is a powerful thing and I know in my heart that Jesus is the greatest power that anyone can hold in their heart.  The Roanoke Times Newspaper wrote an article about Jeff and explains his story more in detail.  Title of the column is "600-pound man wants to change his life with rehab" by Dan Casey.  Please, if you would like to know more about Jeff Mitchell, read this article and pray for him, his wife, Sherri and his 9 year old son Jedediah.  Thank you for your time and prayers and may God Bless. 

Hello everyone, I am so grateful that the Lord has permitted me to find home christian radio station even here in Puerto Rico, it now makes me feel like i'm not too far away from home and i can be connected to my home church because the Lord has given me this day to hear WPRZ and to be blessed by my own pastor. I thank God for this Christian Radio because God has used this vehicle to feed His children and to draw them near to Him, i truly know that God is with me because He has allowed me to find it today, what a blessing. Thank you God for your Grace and Mercy and for always saying present (I Am is here) even in this difficult time, i'm with you do not worry or be afraid, i will never leave you or forsake you, you are not alone.  Thank you Steve and Sally for your continous effort to keep WPRZ on air because it is a blessing.  Thank you Pastor Jeff for your dedication to keep ministering to God's children through your prayers and moments of sharing the word with us. You are all a blessing and a much needed source. Be Blessed,


Fridays are busy days for me, as I have to harvest all the vegetables for the weekend farmers' markets, rain or heatwave! But ever since I discovered Bluegrass Fridays on WPRZ, I look forward to Friday afternoons! Bluegrass Gospel always makes me smile and feel good. I'm so grateful to have a local Christian radio station that plays something other than "top 40" Christian rock, where it seems like if you've heard one, you've heard them all. Thank you for being a source of diverse, quality, Christian music. Love the family talk shows as well, and I do believe I am growing to be a better wife due in part to the sound teachings I hear on those shows. God Bless. 

When I was 15, My father comitted suicide on July 17, 2000. Three years later  to the day, July 17, 2003, my mother died from cancer about a month after i  graduated from high school.  I wound up being evicted from the house my mom and dad had rented for 16  years, and found myself with nowhere to go.. I spent the rest of the summer with a friend, then in the fall, i stayed with someone from a church i had  attended for a long time... I burned these bridges, because i was mad at  myself, mad at the world, and mad at GOD rather than running to  him, i did like Jonah, and ran the other way... i lived life like this,  sleeping in The restored caboose adjacent to the train depot in the town of  Culpeper for a month from late October to the end of November, and other  places through the day to get enough sleep before going to work from  3:00pm-3:00am, Monday through thursday.... A lady who was a dispatcher for  the town police took me in and allowed me to sleep on her couch, and did everything she could to help me, however, this provided no results... She  asked if she could contact a friend who worked for a local paper to see if he  wanted to do a story on me.. The story was run in the paper, and the  community reached out to me, helping me greatly... Due to my wanting to be  accepted, I allowed myself to be influenced by the wrong crowd, who i thought  were "friends" but were only my friends when i had something. I had used  marijuanna before, but i allowed myself to use it more, getting my priorities mixed up and lost my job, and someone i loved dearly... we went around over a  two week time frame, setaling cd players out of vehicles, and breaking into  self storage units just to have something to do... it was fun at first, then i became addicted to the adrenaline rush, and the money we could get from selling the cd players was fast too.

Then it all came crashing down. the night we were arrested, we ran from the police, then i fnally stopped after traveling 23 miles in 9 minutes... I plead guilty to the charges, and had 4 years, plus detention and diversion to  do following that... I wound up getting kicked out of the detention center twice because of poor choices, which caused me to get another 5 year sentence  for my second probation violation...

During this time, the LORD blessed me with the opportunity to take courses from a seminary in florida in which i earned my bachelor of ministry(4.0 gpa), in less than two years. I later got into a graphic communications and  digital print reproduction class at another institution. I got certified as a desktop publisher and bindery worker. I also have nearly completed the manuscript for my autobiography, which i still have a small amount to type.

I was released april 9, 2012, and have obtained employment. The second chances program helped me with funding for a place to live, and a job as well, in which i was employed for just over 2 months...
the funding was to be done in september, however, i recently found out that they are out of money, and the check that i picked up this past friday was my  last. My rent is paid for the month of July also.

So now i am back to square one, starting over again. I am hoping that the  LORD will again provide....
One day i want to obtain a job as a counselor at a christian rehab program, because I once was a drug addict, homeless, incarcerated, and know what it's  like not be in touch with family for a long period of time. I once was lost  but by GOD's grace i am a new creature at 27 years old. I've scrubbed toilets 
and cleaned floors for 27 cents an hour, and picked up trash at a lanfill for 45 cents an hour, living off of 72 dollars a month...

I see so many guys focusing their lives on one thing... Money, drugs, women, etc... when they do that, they isolate themselves from everything else putting up walls, and before they realize it they've built a prison for  themselves... i was once like that, but i have been delivered, and now i see myself as a prisoner of hope, because my faith is all i have... Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. i am placing my situation in God's hands that I will find a job, and a place to live before the end of the month that is in town, whether it be orange, culpeper, or warrenton, so i can utilize the transit system, to get to and from work, wherever it may take me... my hope is in christ...  if there is anyone out there that would be willing to give me a chance, or if this has given you helped you when you were struggling, please feel free to contact me...., (540)-229-4580



I'm so grateful for Christian Radio in Louisa County.  Bless you!


Dear friends,

Thanks ever so much for your dedication to the ministry God has given you.  The teaching of the Word plus the joy and comfort of music of the Spirit are my companions from 8 pm to 8 am.  What a gift!  What a blessing! 


Steve, Sally, Kandy, Jeff & Charlie & KTL friends,

Each and every day filled with WPRZ with the music, programs and prayers you share through your hearts - bring spring to our hearts, even in the middle of winter!  Thank you for your servant hearts and the gifts you share through each kind deed and smiles and prayers you give.  Be blessed, you are a blessing!  Sincerely,


God's Richest Blessing on your Ministry!  You are such a great part of so many of our days.  May abundant grace flow to WPRZ and you daily, we love and appreciate you.

Doug & Anne

Dear WPRZ family,

Hello and blessings to each one of you.  A special note today to Steve, thank you for praying in the morning.  I often catch your prayer time as I'm doing dishes and I want to let you know I'm praying right along with you.  Thank you for helping me to take a few minutes to STOP and pray.  Love in Him to each one at the station.  P.S.  The pastor from Novum Baptist is great, too!



 Hi Steve & Sally,

The Lord has laid in my heart this morning to share what He has done for me since i started supporting WPRZ this past summer, it was a time of uncertainty, of spiritual warfares within my family, i had recently been laid off and had a little bit of money in my bank account, but one day i was listening to WPRZ and the Lord touch my heart to write and donate to the radio stattion, as i was meditating on His words the Lord nudge me to give again because i was struggling with the thought of what i had in the bank was all i had how was i going to be able to commit to even a montly donation if i didn\'t have a job and didn\'t forsee one in the near future either, don\'t get me wrong, i had faith in Him but i had a moment of feebleness when i thought that way, then the Lord told me in my heart donate and commit and you will see that bank account will not dwindle as long as you donate,this time i got encourage and i believed in His words, i got on my computer and donated, soon after that i got a job offer, i have been working since and notice that the Lord has been faithful with His word spoken to my heart about that bank account, it has not dwindle to zero,now this morning once again the Lord has laid in my heart to raise my montly donation by adding $11.00 dollars more to the amount that i am already donating. Through This station the Lord has blessed me and i want to know in my heart that with the blessings the Lord has given me i can help the Lord bless others. I ask the Listeners to become a blesser for Jesus Today and you will see Him bless you like you have never been bless before. Be Blessed,