Listener Stories & Comments

Thank you, for your sacrifice, and all that you and your dear husband are doing for this community.  Your station has changed our lives greatly.  We love the new and the older praise and worship, and we are receiving great instruction from the messages that are preached between 6 and 8 am, and again at lunch time.  They have been very timely for some things we have endured in the Christian community. 

Thank you for the great gifts and blessings you are pouring out to us on the Lord's behalf.

In His Love,

Dwayne & Julie

Dear Mr. Buchanan,

Thank you so much for what you do with WPRZ.  I really love you guys, so I wanted to send you a gift of $28.00.  I know it's not much, but I hope it will help you.  God bless.

Your friend,


Dear Steve & Sally,

Hello and blessings to you all!  I was sad to see the amount given for the challenge, but I kow God will turn things around - I will bump the station to the top of the prayer list!

Love in Him,


Hey to y'all,

I am sorry this is late - no excuse just busy!  We are done with school for the year!!  Summer break!

We love y'all much and pray at all times for His grace and strength to trust and believe at all times.


Steve & Lisa

Dear Brother Charlie,

Thank you for the great prizes from the contest.  My Mom, Dad, three brothers and I went to Bruster's with the gift cards.  The ice cream was very good there.  I can't wait to use the Funland Park Card.  Thank you again for the prizes.  We really appreciated them.



Steve & Sally,

Just a little note  to say thank you for the joy your station brings to all of your listeners.  Also, we are so enjoying the beautiful basket of things we were blessed to receive and the blessing of spending time with you.  God always knows what He is doing.

With the Love of Christ,

Ron & Melody

Dear Kid's Time Live,

I love sitting by my radio on Saturday morning.  I love everything you do.  I love your quizzes, stories, and songs you do.  Enclosed is a check for $4.75.  Hope you are able to find use for it.  God Bless.



I am a very big fan of Kid's Time Live.  I listen every time I get.  Last month in April, I had a fatal accident.  In September of 2010 we started a co-op.  In April, we had a Unit 3 Celebration.  During a game of Capture the Flag, I fell on my right wrist and broke my wrist.  I shall get my cast off Tuesday, May 31st.  I enjoy listening to Odyssey and the quizzes.  May you keep producing.  God bless you.



Thank you for all you do.  It's wonderful to turn on the radio and be able to praise God in the morning or all day.  Blessings to you!


It is an honor for me to share with you that I am a daily listener of your website.  For many days I was planning to write you my suggestions for your precious website.  Whatever I am learning from your website I think it should be spread to our whole community in Pakistan.  I think at this situation of Pakistan we need to become stronger in our faith. 

I think this website should also be available for Urdu and Panjabi readers and listeners as well.  I humbly request you expand your outreach.