Listener Stories & Comments

I am putting $50.00 in the mail today in hopes that it will be blessed by the Lord and multiplied like the bread and fish. 

Our family this past year was deeply hurt.  Your selections of music and scripture commentary have filled a void and we have been nourished with your life giving ministry.  You give the best of artists who have sacrificed everything for Jesus, and you give the best of preachers, those men and women who have given their very lives to communicate the good news of God's Kingdom.  I can't tell you how many times Joni and Friends has picked me up personally and set me back, eyes focused on the cross.

I don't think we are alone.  How much is this worth?  Where else can we find inspiration day or night?  You truly have become a church of the air waves.  Everyone's love offering is helping offer hope when it is needed most.  Please brothers and sisters, recognize the treasure of the Praise Ministry - it is one we must keep alive!  Sally and Steve have given their lives to this ministry and they need us to rally.  Send your contributions today, right now.  Don't let Satan stand in your way!  He hates every moment of promise Praise offers.

God bless our heralds!  Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,



I really enjoy your station!  Great music and excellent Bible teaching.  Thank you.

Dear Steve & Sally,
Please find the enclosed check for $300 for your ministry.  I cashed in some vacation time to help out in this time of special need for the station.  I know God will bless your efforts and your faith!  Also, I've been passing the word around that you'all are trying to move to Culpeper and people are excited!  Hopefully my coworkers can help out now and in the future.  God bless you both, you are a very special couple.
Your sister in Him,

Hello Sally & Steve and everyone -

I have been earnestly praying for an abundant provision to come in - for truly God owns all - keep focused on Jesus, no matter what we see.  May this bill be multiplied 10,000 times in Jesus name.  "Ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened unto us."  Praise God forever.


In our estimation you are doing a mighty fine job - keep on.  We are grateful to have a Christian radio station in the area.


Thank you for blessing our family with Kid's Time Live, Country light and the wonderful sermons you play!


Dear Steve & Sally,

I just wanted to let you know how much I have your station on practically all day most days.  I love Praise in the Morning.  I just want to bless you all in your work and challenge you to always keep on seeking God and His direction.  This last weekend our church had a youth event and we were all blown away by how God moved as we listened to His Spirit.  And I know that God will use you mightly over the air waves as you listen to His Spirit, down to every song you play to every word you speak on the radio.  And something God's been teaching me is that the more I obey Him the more He will give me Life and then His Life is able to glow through me to others.  So I encourage ya'll to obey God in everything no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

I bless ya'll in the name of Jesus!  All for Him and for His glory!


Praise Our Lord Jesus, and thank you WPRZ and Moody Radio for Mike Kellogg and afternoon music as well, and Dr. Charles Stanley, etc.!  Thank you!

Dear Steve & Sally,
I  just wanted to let you know that I have received the Ricky Skagg’s CD and New International Children’s Bible from WPRZ. Thank you so very much for these gifts and for your wonderful programming. The music, preaching, and talk shows are uplifting, informative and challenging. As iron sharpens iron, so WPRZ strengthens and increases our faith. May God bless your ministry and increase your listening audience.
For His glory and honor,

My family and I love you guys so much.  We love how you guys always do such a wonderful job with the radio.  I have something to ask.  Can you pray for my family and I so that we will not have any E.R. visits.  Thank you. 

Your friend,