Listener Stories & Comments

God bless you for presenting a Christian radio station that presents the gospel of Jesus Christ! Would you include us on your Ministry Highlights newsletter email address listing? Thank you for uplifting our Lord Jesus Christ!                     

from Warrenton
I was flipping through the stations last week and discovered your station. I listen in the morning and afternoons on my way home. You’re the perfect blend of programs and music. Thanks. Family Life is my favorite program to listen to.
Dear Steve and Sally,

Please find the enclosed gift for the ministry of Praise Radio. Thanks for all your hard work. Could you please put me on the mailing list for your newsletter and if possible, can you send me a few stickers or window clings for the car, etc? I am passing them out to co-workers etc. trying to spread the word about the great station! God Bless Much!


Loved the music just now, it brought tears to my eyes... thank you all so much for encouraging us!



I want to increase my pledge to 5 dollars a month.
God Bless,


We would like to pledge two 10.00 bricks, one as a family and one in memory of my grandmother Catherine Green who passed away two years ago on October  16, 2008. She listened to praise radio every day and supported it  financially. She loved this ministry, she loved helping me prepare the OP Christmas child shoeboxes each year, and bringing them to the station. So I  feel that making this pledge in her name is what she would want me to do, and  in this way our family will carry on her legacy. Blessings to you all! 

The Dowell Family

So thankful Steve is out of the hospital.  I pray for his tests today.  It was so wonderful to hear him back on the air this morning during the Time to Share and Silent Auction.  May you be encouraged!  We love you.


WPRZ is a great radio station. I have listened to Kids Time Gang since I was two years old.I will donate three dollars as long as I can.
God Bless,


I've been meaning to write to you for a while, and I'm glad to have A Time to Share to motivate me to do so!  I want you all to know that you have been a  really important part of Scott's and my spiritual growth in the last 22  years--when we got married and moved to Warrenton, one of the first things we 
did was to find a Christian radio station, and there you were!  When you went  off the air a while back, I was SO disappointed, and equally pleased when I  heard you were back, better than ever!

I have enjoyed so many parts of your programming, from the pastors, talk  shows, and especially the music.  I  love A Praise Gathering, and feel like  Connie is a friend, though I've never met her.  I think it's great to hear  more current songs, as well as songs from decades past.  I don't necessarily 
want to hear the "top 10" songs--I want to hear songs that glorify God, and  that's what this show provides. A nice way to start the morning!

Also, I have always been a country music fan, and on other stations I have  recently been changing the channel more and more when a song is off-color, or  just not godly.  I was so pleasantly surprised to hear County Light--to hear  great artists from all styles of country--even when the songs are not 
directly "Christian", that's OK--they don't pollute our minds the way many  songs do today.  I'm amazed at how many gospel songs some of the artists  sing. A great idea, and I hope this show will continue.

Being a night-owl, I often hear Evening Praise, and even Music through the  NIght sometimes--again, a great variety of songs, new and old.

I catch various talks during the day--have enjoyed getting to hear Janet  Parshall--wow, she's so good at presenting current events in a Biblical way.   I could mention many speakers--Allister Begg, Charles Stanley, David  Jerimiah...I could go on and on!

I also wanted to mention what good memories our family has from when Coy and  Ramey were on Kids Time Live--what an amazing opportunity for the boys to get  to be announcers, even when they were new readers--their time with Brother  Rick and Brother Charlie will always be special--to them, and all 4 of us!   They have an amazing way of making everyone feel so at ease :)

I haven't heard a recent update about Steve's being ill, but we will continue to pray for him, that he'll be better very soon.  I'm sure this has been a  tough time for Sally, and all of you, and you're eager to have him back!   Please send our love to him!

Well, that's about it--I hope that the next few days are fruitful for the  ministry--I just hope more and more people learn about the station, because  you offer so much to everyone who listens!

God bless you all!

Greetings... May the Lord Bless and keep us all as we turn our hearts to His will alone!  Love to all,