Listener Stories & Comments

Dear Kid's Time Gang and WPRZ...      Thank you for the prizes you sent me.  I enjoyed a Sunday lunch with my Grandpa at Applebee's.  Thank you so much!  God Bless,  
Hunter (age 12)
Enclosed is a $50 gift in honor of David's 50th birthday on this September 16th!  What a blessing my husband is to me and our family.   We are so glad that WPRZ is back on the air.  We love the programs and so enjoy the nice variety of praise and worship that you play.  May God continue to bless you and expand your reach.  We love you,    
Thanks so much for great music and talk again!
We used to listen to 1250 AM when we lived in Amissville... y'all are a true drink in this dry world.  We now are in Madison and could only get y'all outside in our car, in the drive.  Anyway, 88.1 FM, Praise the Lord.  I am prayerfully and by faith going to send $10.00 a month.  We love y'all.
Lisa K.
I am a former resident of your listening audience, but currently living in South Carolina, and I’m glad to know I can get your station over the internet. It just brings back memories of how close I was to God back in the late 1980s and by listening to the music and the Bible teaching has rekindled my love for the Lord again. I listen to your station from 6 am until 1 pm and it touches my soul. Thank you so much for being a light in the world of darkness.   May God continue to bless your ministry so that souls will be saved and people come back to their first love and that is Jesus Christ.
Our family just found your station and are SO blessed!  We love the combination of music and teaching.  I could go on and on, but want to especially thank you (and ask you to continue) your "Praise in the Country" sessions.  Before switching to Christian music, I grew up loving country.  Our 11 year-old (eldest of four children) really likes country. We don’t like him to listen without an adult around, as there are many distasteful songs out there.  Now, he looks forward to listening to your station in the hour you play this music!  Thanks so much!!    
Owings Family

Hi Steve and Sally,

Thank you again for finding and playing Pioneer Woman by Nancy Honeytree! The music you have and are choosing is PERFECT. Don’t change a thing! You have the best praise and worship music! God bless you for everything and especially your prayers as I’m that pioneer woman as you probably know. Hugs, prayers and friendship always to you! Praising God for Jesus and His love and Praise Radio!

Sally G.

I just wanted to say THANKS for the 1-2 pm hour you have of country gospel songs. I always enjoy it when I have time and can tune in. Thank you for sharing this thru the radio and I wish you would include more of it…rather than just one hour. I’m happy you’re back on air on 1250 am. I have missed you and am thankful you are back on air.


WELCOME BACK ON THE AIR!!!!!!! BOY HAVE I MISSED YOU!!!!!!! I am so glad you folks are back on the air because now my mornings can be filled with the type of music that honors my Lord and Saviour. (What can I say, other stations just don’t compare!) It truly is good to have you back on the air and I am thankful that I can bless you with this little bit. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to bless you and meet your every need as you continue to serve Him…


I know I have often said how much we have enjoyed and appreciated the radio station especially when we traveled…and were away…& trying to find a Christian station…back from our trip and can again say…we do not find one like WPRZ!! It is very difficult to find a way for teaching or uplifting scripture, & songs. None of the other Christian stations fit the need…