Listener Stories & Comments

Glad to hear you again! I am away in Colorado studying Band instrument repair, and I have missed hearing WPRZ. Although there are many fine Christan radio stations in this area, WPRZ is a taste of home. I was so glad last week when I logged on and found that your online broadcasts have resumed.



I cannot fully express what WPRZ has meant to me over the last 30 years. The Worship and Praise music with all the Great Biblical Teaching that helped shape me for my own life and ministry.



Thank you for the great fun of ”yardsailing”, eating, talking, and listening to wonderful music which we enjoyed this past Saturday. It was just so very nice to see you all again and to meet Charlie and listen to Pastor Short tell the story of “Rinder Cella”! Loved meeting your girls, too! We all enjoyed ourselves so much!


Dear Kid’s Time Gang,

Thank you for praying with us! Please see the Praise Report below from Hannah’s teacher. She was concerned she was going to have to have surgery and that she would not be able to go on her trip. She has not needed surgery!


Thank you for your letter. I want to be a part of what is happening at WPRZ. I am 91. I don’t drive so the best I can do is send you a check for $150.00!

Mrs. B

Looking forward to the FM station. I hope to visit the new facility on Baldwin Street soon.


Congratulations on the move, restoration, Game Dinner, and I pray FM progress. May you have all you need for your ministry in all areas and ways. May you continue to preach and program the Truth.



Dear Steve and Sally,

What a blessing it was to see the two of you! Thanks again for taking the time to meet with me. I am so grateful for all the airtime you have donated to our Centers. You have been beyond gracious and kind. We will keep you lifted up to the Lord for your application to be approved and for the children’s ministry. Please keep me posted!


I wanted to thank you for Our Daily Bread. We started using it as a family devotional to start our day over breakfast. I’m really enjoying the short, simple, but helpful stories.

God Bless,



It’s your good friend Joseph, here, and it’s just wonderful to see you on FACEBOOK. I can still remember being on the air for the first time with you guys in 2000, and when I used to call in for my sister and jazz. You Are My Favorite Christian Radio Station, Ever, And I Truly Hope That You Can Come Back To My Sony Radio, Cause I Miss Those Times, Plus I Have Some Ideas For Newer Ones! God Bless WPRZ and Praise communications, Inc. and our great friendship, :=)!