Listener Stories & Comments

Hope this helps, in some small way, to further God’s plans for your ministry! You are being kept close at heart and held up in prayer!

Love and Blessings,


Dear Steve and Sally,

Thank you for keeping us posted on the progress of all the changes at the station. Jennifer and I are glad to see the progress being made toward your vision of ministry in the community. God has truly blessed over the years and we have been blessed by all your hard work at the station. We were thinking the other day back to when we first came to Warrenton and began working with you. It as been a blessing to have our family grow up with WPRZ and, Lord willing, we will be able to continue our support in the near future. Please keep us informed of your progress as you pursue the work God has laid before you.



There is not a day that goes by that I don\'t feel a heart of gratitude for the ministry of WPRZ. I so appreciate the wide variety of worship music and teaching programs that we are blessed to hear everyday. Just this morning, I was awakened to the sound of David Jeremiah\'s voice on my radio alarm. What an awesome way to be greeted in the morning! Thank you for answering the call of God to serve the body of Christ in Christian radio ministry. It is not always easy to have the courage to step out in faith for something like this, but always rewarding! May God richly supply all your needs that you may continue in His blessings to be a blessing!


We just wanted to offer up a word of encouragement to the "family" at Praise FM. What a blessing it has been to find you! Mike is administrator at Culpeper Christian School, and I am a stay at home to our five children (oldest is 12, youngest is 2 weeks). Our family rises at 6:00 to get ready for the day--what a beautiful way to start the day off right with peaceful worship music. Perhaps my favorite song to start off with is "Give Me Jesus". Thank you! Then the wonderful teaching throughout the day. Being home most of the day, whenever I can I have your station playing in the house. My favorite part of the day is Country Lite--usually the afternoon is a bit of a \"slump\" time, but the lively (and often times funny) country gospel music lifts me up as I go about my house/home duties. I look forward to Dobson and Family Life at 4, followed by Janet Parshall (what an intelligent, God-fearing, and loving lady she is).  Thank you so much for keeping our family Praising and Growing! May God meet all your needs as you go about doing His business. In Him, Mike, Becky, Will, Elijah, Joseph, Anna, and Claudia

Mike & Becky Owings